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GPS Tracking System

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GPS Tracking System

දැන් ඔබට වාහනය ගමන් කරන ආකාරය GPS තාක්ෂණය භාවිතයෙන් සජීවීව දැන ගත හැකිය.

එසේම ගමන් කල මාර්ගයන් වේගයන් සමග නැවත නැරඹිමේ හැකියාව ඇත.

පසුගිය මාස කිහිපය පුරා තොරතුරු reports ලෙස නැවත ලබා ගැනීමට හැක.

වාහනය සොරකම් කල හොත් තිබෙන ස්ථානය නැවත සොයා ගත හැකිය.

ඔබගේ රියදුරන් ඔබට සිදු කරණ වංචා දැන ගත හැකිය.

පසුගිය reports නැවත නිරීක්ෂණය මගින් වාහනයේ අවභාවිතය අවම කර ඉන්දන පිරිවැය අවම කර ගත හැකිය.

  • Real time speed, location, waiting with alerts
  • Multiple vehicles in single view with their locations
  • Mobile app & SMS tracking
  • Speed charts & Speed alerts
  • Geo Fence alarms
  • 10Sec. real time updating
  • Easy to install
  • Minimal power consumption (made with industrial grade component)
  • Millage reports
  • Waiting reports with durations
  • High-speed reports
LankaPola GPS Tracking System allows you to access to our online server to enable automatic tracking on your vehicle. Which is Simple to operate and has more advanced features.
 Easy Installation

It’s Simple! No need extra wiring. Only need to provide 12/24 power supply to the unit, and install it inside your dashboard. (All the GPS Antenna, GSM Antenna, Shocked Sensor, etc.. are built-in)

ONLINE Tracking

Once finished the installation, you can log in to your account in below URL for ONLINE Tracking.

We provide individual login account for each customer, which enables you to grouping and shuffle as you need.

(Renew want to be done by every 12 months period and SMS & Email alerts will be sent two weeks prior to the expiration date.)

Longest History >

No need to miss your vacation. You can playback past 2 months history anytime you want.

Multiple Tracking

Can view all the vehicles in a single window. This would be helps you to manage your fleet very efficient way.

High-Speed Alarming

In both modes (SMS & Online) you are able get instead notifications such as Speed alarms, Geo Fence alarms, Shock alarms etc...

Easy Playback

It is very comfortable to playback with speed graphs, waiting bubbles, colorful routing paths, satellite maps etc...

SMS Mode Options

As well as ONLINE mode, you can track the vehicle by using simple text messages on your mobile. (No rental)

Location Information

Shock alarms

Geo Fence alarms

High Speed alarms

Low Battery Alarms

Voice surveillance


" lat:6.90839 long:79.89547 speed:000.9
T:03/21/15 14:46,79.89547&z=16 "

Mobile Phone Tracking: Dial the SIM card number in tracker, it will send the detailed position of target tracker.

PC base tracking: Go to and Sign in using your ID and password.

Geo-Fence: Set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a district. It alarms (Email, SMS) when it reaches the district.

Over speed alarm: You can make the inspected target run according to fixed speed. It alarms (Email, SMS) when speed is exceeded.

Intelligent data communication: It handles the GPRS data in very efficiency way with minimum bandwidth.

Export excel: You can upload and download the data using EXCEL file format easily.

Technical Specifications:

Network GSM/GPRS
GPS Sensitivity -159dBm
GPS accuracy 5m
Time to First Fix 45s (for Cold status); 35s (for Warm status); 1s (for Hot status)
Satellite Receiving 16 channels
Operation Temp : -20°C to +55°C
Humidity 5%--95% non-condensing
Net weight : 15.70 oz


Charging Voltage 5V 0.07mAh

Sales Points
You can see the demo from our sales points. pls contact Hot-Line for more information

Home delivery Service
We also can deliver it to your door step as per your requests.

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GPS Tracking System

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